Dress Code 2018-2019

Ballet Classes: All ballet classes require Bloch brand pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Pre-pointe and higher will need convertible style tights. Hair to be in a bun if long enough. No ponytails.

Pre-primary/Primary: Pink leotards as well as pink chiffon slip-on (not tie) skirts or leotard dresses that are finger-tip length with relaxed arms.

Level 1-2: Black leotard

Level 3: Any colored leotard

Pointe shoes: Permitted by director only. Please do not sew ribbons, elastic, or darn shoes without permission from director. Proper fitting pointe shoes are critical to dance training. Shoes that have been altered cannot be returned or replaced.

Jazz/Hip Hop: Form fitting tanks and t-shirts are permitted with sweat pants, jazz pants, or tight shorts (no gym shorts that expose undies please). Hair must be off the face and out of the way. Black jazz shoes or sneakers are required.

Modern/Lyrical: Same attire as listed above for jazz classes. Hair off the face and neck. Foot undies and/or slip-on nude jazz shoes. In Level 2/3 modern, barefoot is permitted.

Tap: Same clothing requirements as jazz/hip hop. Black tap shoes required. Shiny black taps required for Primary. Matte black preferred for Level 1-3. Level 3 may require heeled character tap shoes for spring show.

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